Monday, October 12, 2009

Price Network- latest tips on tipping

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More Bonus PN Points
There are  more ways of earning Bonus PN Points:
Posts in the forum
New threads and replies will now earn you 2 Bonus PN Points (up from 1). New threads in the deals section will earn you 1 PN Points and 1 Bonus PN Points.
Popular Deals
Popular deals receive extra PN Points. Here is the new stages of popularity:
- Level 1: 8 PN Points -> 5 PN Points + 10 Bonus PN Points
- Level 2: 10 PN Points -> 6 PN Points + 12 Bonus PN Points
- Level 3: 12 PN Points -> 7 PN Points + 14 Bonus PN Points
- Level 4: 14 PN Points -> 8 PN Points + 16 Bonus PN Points
- Level 5: 16 PN Points -> 9 PN Points + 18 Bonus PN Points
- Level 6: 40 PN Points -> 25 PN Points + 50 Bonus PN Points
- Level 7: 50 PN Points -> 30 PN Points + 60 Bonus PN Points
- Level 8: 60 PN Points -> 35 PN Points + 70 Bonus PN Points
More Contests
There will be more contests available for participating members to earn Bonus PN Points.
3) Faster Tipping
A new button will be added to threads so that you can tip posters (incl. authors and repliers) with a single click.
- 1-click tip (no confirmation, no undo)
- Default value is 25 PN Points
- Default value can be customized in user control panel
- 1-click tip button will appear in all posts. (specific location will announced later)
As a result, you don't have to enter an amount to tip anymore. That way, you can tip quicker to the members that post useful information and useful deals.
You can still tip members a custom amount via the member's profile page.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

TwitThis Blogger Code from Cranial Soup

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<!-- Footer Button Codes BEGIN -->
<p><span id='footer-buttons'>
<!-- things placed after this line will show on all pages -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<!-- things placed after this line will only show on post pages -->
<!-- TwitThis Button BEGIN -->
<a href='javascript:(function(){;title=%22+((document.title)%20?%20encodeURIComponent(document.title.replace(/^\s*|\s*$/g,%27%27))%20:%20%22%22),%20%22TwitThisPop%22,%20%22width=600,%20height=500,%20location,%20status,%20scrollbars,%20resizable,%20dependent=yes%22);%20setTimeout(%22TwitThisPop.focus()%22,%20100);%20})()'><img alt='TwitThis' src='' style='border:none;'/></a>
<!-- TwitThis Button END -->
<!-- Do Not Paste Any Code Below This Line -->
<!-- Footer Button Codes END -->

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DHC Skincare- Sales Starting Oct. 1st

When I think of Japan, an image springs to mind of flawless skin and ageless beauty. DHC has brought their legacy of time honoured pure skin care to Canada. Skincare based on the purity of olive oil, without added unnecessary colouring agents or irritating fragrances. I found a great deal on one of their beauty secrets: Buff away rough skin with  finely-milled apricot seed scrub. DHC Facial Scrub is now over 15% off through October 31, 2009. Also for the month of October, you can get 10% off all orders October 1 ż 31, 2009. .  I wonder if that is on top of the 15% off the Apricot Scrub?

DHC offers Four free samples with every purchase. Shop now! so you can try their whole line.

October 10% Off

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Corel Software Education Pricing

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Categories for Eligibility :

Accredited Schools

Institutions may be either publicly or privately owned

  • Preschools
  • Elementary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Vocational schools
  • Correspondence schools
  • Junior colleges
  • Colleges
  • Universities, or scientific or technical institutes recognized by the appropriate ministry or department of education
K-12 Educators, Vocational, college or university faculty

Proof of current employment is required.

  • Faculty and/or staff members (full- or part-time) of any accredited school
  • Registered and/or state-recognized home educators providing primary or secondary education
  • Full- or part-time registered students. Valid photo student identification is required if purchasing through a Corel Authorized Education Reseller. If a photo ID is not available, then two pieces of ID are required.
Supervisory Organizations
  • Boards of education
  • Ministries of education
  • School district administrative offices
  • State departments of education
  • All hospitals. Health Management Organizations (HMO) and headquarters are excluded
  • All public and school libraries (publicly or privately funded) providing not-for-profit library services to a community, region or district
Educational Consortia and Systems
  • Corporations and associations validly organized and existing under the laws of a state, province or territory
  • Permanent public or private nonprofit agencies or institutions organized for educational, aesthetic or cultural purposes
  • Must own or use objects for exhibition to the general public on a permanent and regular basis
  • Must collect, preserve, study, interpret, assemble and exhibit objects and specimens of educational and cultural value, including artistic, scientific (animate or inanimate), historical and technological material, to the public for its instruction and enjoyment
Nonprofit Charitable Organizations
  • Charitable organizations not affiliated with a profit-making company or organization. In the U.S., refer to IRS Tax Exemption 501 (c)(3). In Canada, refer to Revenue Canada Income Tax Act, Section 149.1 on charities
Religious Organizations
  • Any religious body considered charitable under provincial, state or country laws. In the U.S., refer to IRS Tax Exemption 501 (c)(3)
  • The organization's beliefs and practices must not be considered subversive or immoral by the courts or laws of the province, state or country
Congregation members or parishioners are not eligible for academic pricing. Organizations must present proof of charitable or nonprofit status and a completed Corel Nonprofit and Charitable Organization Request Form to any Corel® Authorized Academic Reseller.
Terms and Conditions

Organizations must be able to show proof of eligibility and applicable accreditation if requested by Corel or a Corel Authorized Education Reseller. It is Corel's sole discretion to accept or decline the applicant. Any issues or concerns regarding the preceding definitions shall be resolved at Corel's discretion. All software must be used for internal administrative or educational instruction purposes only. Products may not be resold, donated or used as a prize in any promotion.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Current Date Widget Code

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Copy & Paste the following  java script code wherever you would like the current date to appear.

<script language="javascript">
Today = new Date();
TodayDay = Today.getDate();
TodayMon = Today.getMonth();
TodayYear = Today.getYear();
if (TodayYear < 2000) TodayYear += 1900;

if (TodayMon == 0) { TodayMonth = "January"; }
else if (TodayMon == 1) { TodayMonth = "February"; }
else if (TodayMon == 2) { TodayMonth = "March"; }
else if (TodayMon == 3) { TodayMonth = "April"; }
else if (TodayMon == 4) { TodayMonth = "May"; }
else if (TodayMon == 5) { TodayMonth = "June"; }
else if (TodayMon == 6) { TodayMonth = "July"; }
else if (TodayMon == 7) { TodayMonth = "August"; }
else if (TodayMon == 8) { TodayMonth = "September"; }
else if (TodayMon == 9) { TodayMonth = "October"; }
else if (TodayMon == 10) { TodayMonth = "November"; }
else if (TodayMon == 11) { TodayMonth = "December"; }
else { TodayMonth = TodayMon; }

document.write(TodayMonth + " " + TodayDay + ", " + TodayYear);


HTML Widget Code for Top Canadian News

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Copy & Paste the following code:

<!-- Begin Feedzilla news widget Code -->
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var flashvars = {id:'0422111704233',country:'ca',charset:'utf-8',code:'Blogger',c:'',scroll:'v',prov:'news',cat:'Top news',cat2:'Top stories',width:'170',height:'400',num_articles:'10',show_summaries:'Yes',show_sources:'Yes',show_dates:'Yes',title:'Top Canadian News',title_size:'12pt',title_bold:'No',keywords:'',url:'',headers_size:'14pt',font_size:'10pt',font_family:'Arial',text_alignment:'Left',space:'Yes',titlecolor:'#FF0000',fcolor:'#FF0000',desccolor:'#000000',sourcecolor:'#FF0000',datecolor:'#999999',bgcolor:'#FFFFFF',ref:document.location.href};
var params = {scale:'noscale',salign:'lt',bgcolor:'#FFFFFF'};
var attributes = {};
swfobject.embedSWF('', 'Feedzilla_news_widget_316281', '170', '400', '9.0.0','',flashvars, params, attributes);
<div id="Feedzilla_container_316281" style="text-align:center;width:170px;"><div id="Feedzilla_container2_316281" style="text-align:center;height:400px;width:170px;border:1px solid #FF0000"><div id="Feedzilla_news_widget_316281"></div></div><font style="font-size:10px;"><a style="text-decoration:none;font-size:10px;" href="">Widgets and RSS feeds</a> and <a style="text-decoration:none;font-size:10px;" href="">RSS and Widgets</a></font></div>
<!-- End Feedzilla news widget Code -->

Top US News Widget Code

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Copy & Paste the following:

<!-- Begin Feedzilla news widget Code -->
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var flashvars = {id:'4422122944913',code:'Blogger',c:'',scroll:'v',prov:'',cat:'Top News',cat2:'Top Stories',width:'170',height:'400',num_articles:'10',show_summaries:'Yes',show_sources:'Yes',show_dates:'Yes',show_video:'',vid:'',title:'Top US News',title_size:'11pt',title_bold:'Yes',keywords:'Enter keyword(s)',url:'Enter the full URL of the feed',headers_size:'14pt',font_size:'10pt',font_family:'Arial',text_alignment:'Left',space:'No',titlecolor:'#0000FF',fcolor:'#0000FF',desccolor:'#000000',sourcecolor:'#FF0000',datecolor:'#999999',bgcolor:'#FFFFFF',ref:document.location.href};
var params = {scale:'noscale',salign:'lt',bgcolor:'#FFFFFF'};
var attributes = {};
swfobject.embedSWF('', 'Feedzilla_news_widget_', '170', '400', '9.0.0','',flashvars, params, attributes);
<div id="Feedzilla_container_" style="text-align:center;width:170px;"><div id="Feedzilla_container2_" style="text-align:center;height:400px;width:170px;border:1px solid #cccccc"><div id="Feedzilla_news_widget_"></div></div><font style="font-size:10px;"><a style="text-decoration:none;font-size:10px;" href=""target=new>News widgets & News tickers</a> - <a style="text-decoration:none;font-size:10px;" href=""target=new></a></font></div>
<!-- End Feedzilla news widget Code -->